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Convert your space with the affordable, quick and easy DIY Film.

Available in selected Builders Warehouse stores: Centurion, Zambesi, Glen Eagle, Strubensvalley and Boksburg.

Change Your Windows Look In 5 Easy Steps

Tools Included

Additional Items Required


Scraper Blade (To clean paint / varnish from glass)

Cutting Knife (Very Sharp!)

Tape Measure

Film on solution

Lint free wipes

Newspaper (to clean & wipe glass)

Note: Toolkit may vary as from picture.

A few helpful hints to remember...

Please make sure to read the following simple instructions thoroughly and carefully.

Simple Installation Instructions

Step 1

Step 2

For Bigger Windows / Sliding Doors - We Recommend Team Effort

Step 3 & 4

Step 5

That's it! You've just successfully tinted a window!

Care & Maintenance